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F**k you I’m on vacation: Sofiane Ouertani’s interview

@b_bvx1k @budskateshop “Fuck you I’m on vacation” Raw HDV sesh ?
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Sofiane Ouertani is one of the most consistant skater of Rouen skate scene.

I’ve know him since where are kids and he always been really implicated in his tricks as much as in the scene. When he suffered a knee ligament rupture he has been so patient, always coming to HDV (Rouen) with a cruiser and manage to overcome the appeal of skateboarding until he was perfectly healed.

After this Sofiane work harder and harder, practicing every one of his tricks until they where almost perfect before steping his game up. Since a few years, he’s always at the best skate places like montpellier, Lyon or barcelone showing his steadfastness tenacity as we’re all getting old.

I know those footage are not from yesterday but it would be too bad to have to wait until we’re re-united again, to ask him those few questions that are burning my tongue.

L: Hi bro, It’s been a while, what are you up to at the moment ?

S: Yeah really long time, I remember this video ahah. I have been in Marseille to film for two days, now I’m heading to Lyon to work.

L: Have you been doing an interview for BUD SKATESHOP’s website already ?

S: Yes, ages ago. It was not really an interview , just a really quick bio in the Team part.

L: Alright, let’s do this! What do you live from at the moment ?

S: I’m department supervisor inn a converse shop in a brand village next to Lyon.

L: Can you tell me more about your “Street” expedition in Marseille or is it kept under classified files until further notice ?

S: Nothing top secret we’re just locking up VX footages for an edit. Instagram and skateparks edits are kind of boring, we must go on the streets too.

L: That’s exactly what I thought yesterday…

S: After BUD’s video “Brightness” I sold my two VX 1000 that I had … Two yeatrs later I bought an other one, I love VX footies so much it is jus too beautiful.

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