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Did I tell you how I met Matty and Ingrid? If not stay tuned cause this is part of another story that you will hear from soon.
Long story short, I met them in San Juanico, Baja California sur, while I was travelling with my mates from the same program “assistente de francés en Mexico”.


San Juanico Bay alias Scorpion bay one of the longest wave in all Baja Califronia, breaking with a south Swell wich means in summer…. Really beautifull though.

I spend a while with them in different places in Baja Sur and they are amazing people. Personally I learned a lot hanging out with them. They are both from different backgrounds , they are really in love and they are travelling south from New York to the bottom of south America.By the time I publish this interview they will probably have made their way to Mexico Mainland.  Their story and their relation with the world really retained my attention so I decided to interview them :

 Tell me about you. Your age, backgrounds, jobs and formations.

I am Ingrid from Lima, Peru. I studied multimedia production and I am photographer/videograher.
I am Matty from long Island NY. After Highschool I worked a little bit with my father wich is a carpenter originally from France. I worked a lot on my artistic side drawing and playing music and then I became a surf instructor and kept playing music with my band.

 You are writing a blog that I didn’t had the chance to read yet. What are you saying about your trip? Does both of you get involved in it? Why is it important?

We are telling about our adventure, the persons we meet… We are both involved in it. Most of the time Ingrid take care of the edition part and the pictures and me the drawings but we are both writing and the roles can change.We also made a few videos during our trips. It is important for the family and friends but it can also become a source of incomes that can help us to continue our travelling without going back to the US to work.

Here is the link of a short Morroco surf movie really well filmed and edited by Ingrid;

This is the link of their blog:

 When did you start surfing?

M: I grew up surfing on the coast of long Island.
I: I started surfing after I met Matty. He taught me how to surf.


I don’t have picture of Ingrid surfing cause she wasn’t out on thuis session but I can Insure you that she is a pretty good surfer.

How did you meet?

M: We met on the New Year’s Eve about eight years ago. I was having dinner with my family. Then we went to a concert bar to dance.

 How did you decided to go on a van trip?

We were thinking about it from a long time, but it didn’t seem to be possible. Then a couple of friend started their van trip and they were posting some incredible photos all the time. We started thinking more and more about it and see that it could be possible.

When did you start planning it?

We started planning it about two and half a year ago.

How long did it take to get ready? How far and how long do you plan to go?

We first had to think about a lot of stuff, plan the cost, and sell some stuff to put ourselves together.
It took us more than a year. We first bought the van made some changes about it like the tires… Then we bought all the gears on the internet on a specialized website and we assembled it ourselves.
For the moment we planned to go as far as the road goes down but we don’t really know when or where we are going to stop. Our main goal is to find a place where we can build a sustainable house.

 Did you forget some stuff that could have been helpful during your first part of the trip?

No, I think we had everything. Oh excepted binoculars they can be really useful especially for a surfer and an adept of astronomy.  (We went buy it right after it)


 Van Life in Punta Conejo BCS at the right The Kiwi Rv  and at the left Ingrid & Matty super van! In the middle Gaucho  the symbol of the camp!


What is for you the most important thing about this life? What are for you the principal convenient and inconvenient things about it? Are you sometimes bored of this life? What do you miss the most?

The most important is that we are waking up every time in a different and incredible place. To be able to be free to go where ever we want when we want it is amazing. Moreover we are meeting and hanging with really nice people all the time.


Matty “As long as I can surf and strech I am happy.” I like your style Dude!

The main inconvenient are the shower and the toilets. Despite this, we never ever got bored and if we are we will think about selling the van and do other stuff. What we miss the most are friends and family.

How long have you been on this trip?

Almost six month now!

 What are the places you have been threw? Which one did you love the most?

We crossed the US from New York to California and we have been threw amazing places and landscapes. Waking up in the natural park of the great canyon was an amazing experience. Moreover every place we stayed at was incredible. Going down from California to Baja California Sur showed us a lot of very good places and surf spots.

If you had to pick up a story, a meeting, a moment during this trip what would it be?

…hum… there is so many…

Come on pick up one story 😉

Ohh, we almost forgot. When we met drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his wife’s and they invited us to their house. Then Matty had a jam with him. It was unreal.

What place does take the surf in your journey? Do you think you would have done it if you were not surfers?

Surfing takes a very important part of our trip. The main goal is to follow the coast from California to Patagonia. It is the leading reason that instigated our adventure.
We had and we will surf some of the bests spots of the planet with minimal crowed and travel in van gives us the chance to get the best surf conditions at every spots.


We didn’t had the best condition in Punta Conejo but still Matty was out on his longboard chasing the longest wave he could catch.

Are you going to travel only by the coast or do you plan to visit some places inland?

The coastal road is our main itinerary but we don’t have to forget the cultural aspect of our trip and there is some places we cannot miss as the cultural part of Mexico city and some archeological places inland.

How many boards did you bring with you? Do you sometimes lack some?

We have two short boards and three longboards. 3 out of our 5 boards are shaped by Even Menen of La Mision Surfboards, based in Santa Cruz, and currently in SoCal. 8’0 magic peanut (2 of those)  7’0 quad fin.
The other two are shaped by another friend from Kookbox  6’0 tri fin,Kookbox 8’6 diamond tail mini longboard.  I think they permit us to enjoy most of the conditions.

What is the most important things you are travelling with?

I: Matty!
M: Ingrid

I was about to tell you don’t tell me your wife or husband… (Laugh)

I: That is a difficult question because everything we have is replaceable. I would say my photography gears. They are the most expensive thing I got and the things I care the most.

M: For me I would say my boards. Love my boards, they really stand out to me as with most everyone else.

Do you always travel with music? Are you renewing your playlist during the trip?

Yes, music is a really important part of our trip. We are travelling with various hard drives that allow us to renew our playlist thanks to every nice people that allows us to access to their music library.


 Or Matty can always sing an Ol’ good song with his nice little travel guitare! Bria & Matty giving a rad christmas concert in the RV!


I know you are both vegans. How did you decide to turn vegan? Is this part of your action to leave the society of consumption and try to live another way of life?

I: I saw a documentary a few years ago about the food and meat industry a few years ago and it was a really intense traumatism. I cried a lot and swear to myself I will never ever eat meat again
M: Ingrid opens my eyes over the ignominy of what the human race does to the animal world. We care about animals, we love them. We do not support those abuse and cruelty that the meat/dairy industry generates and believe that individual choices make a difference. “Be the change that you want to see”. So far it’s been challenging but like Bob Marley said, if there’s a will there’s a way. We are very conscious of what we eat now; we’ve making a habit of reading the ingredients on everything we purchase. In the process, we have learnt a lot about GMO’s, processed food, supplements, and “organic” vs. “natural” produce. It has opened a great variety of knowledge to us.  What we eat and what we purchase is what you sustain so yes, I think it is a first step to another way of life.

What would you say to the people that want to live the same life?

I would say yes it is possible and you may believe it is really hard, when you made the step you come to believe that it is not. Everything is question of willing.


In the wild of Punta Conejo’s beach


What would you advice to the people who still lives in big cities to try to make a better world?

I would tell them go out and discover the real world. Real life is not what you can see in the city. It is all superficial and artificial. I would tell them to turn vegan but above all to respect their selves and to LOVE each other! Most important thing.

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