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Element Called Water Bowl Event

ECWS surf camp’s crew has been pretty active this summer. They offered us two memorable sessions.

The first one sponsored by globe, Roark, Collapse… And the youngsters were in front of the scene getting trick and tricks and tricks with flow, style and power… Regardless to the ancient struggling to get above the copping…

And the second one by Roark with a lot of rippers that came to tear the bowl appart. What a memorable session. Léo and I where there with filming and photography gears immortalize thoses good moments. Hope you enjoy it,

Thanks to all the sponsors to help make this possible and thanks a lot to the organizers and members of the ECWS Crew.

Romuald Link/ Nosepick
Flo Cerruti
Romuald Fronstide indy.
A little to close to young Lucien Gourdal
Wissem Bensalem Frontside air.
Simon Léauté stylish frontside axes-tall.
Romu Backtail.
The legendary Alberto Scatollin gave us the pleasure to be there and skate with all his heart/Art. Nice frontside ollie.
Perspective Léo / Romu.
Simon Backside air.
Rock front.
Jean-Charles 50-50.
Unknown for the moment/ Handplant.
Wissem flying out of Soustons.
J-C Backside smith grind .
Simon Leauté Inverted .
Wissem Bensalem Frontside flip.

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