September in Hossegor.

Last Friday all the signals where green for an anthologic session in Hossegor.

Of course everybody was waiting this with alot of impatience, getting ready for who knows… the tube of the summer or the best shot of the season.

The elite of French surfing gathered on this little refuge on the edge of Aquitaine’s endless sand beaches, that is Hossegor.

Joan Duru, Justin Bécret, Kauli Vaast, Thomas Debierre and a lot more trying to get as deep as they can on the biggest bomb, coming out with the fury of the spit.

No doubt, the experience of competition and training for the WCT always pay … Joan is still the master in this game, more over when he is playing at home and coming back from Tahiti Pro. He taking the crown with the barrel of the day “standing tall” in there and an incredible frontside alley-oop, with a fall afterward.

Kauli Vaast is still showing of with a lot of good tubes, manoeuvres and airs. Showing once more (after facing the best surfers in the world as a wildcard in tahiti) That qualificate him as a prodigy was not over estimated.

Hectic conditions in La Graviere.
Thomas Debierre with a nice barrel. Wait for the next sequence…
Rookie getting covered up.
Letty Mortensen on bomb
Drop Knee style. Hen got tones of waves and barrels.
Unknown surfer on an hypnotic wave.
Joan Duru Behind the curtain.

Here is the all sequence.
Unknown surfer with a beautiful tube manoeuvre.
Sometimes you have to pay the price to get the feeling that provide a wave like La Graviere. Pierre Valmage paid it twice this week.
Thomas Debierre getting deep on a massive one.
Issam Mauptel/ Radical carve on the wall.

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