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In september 2017, I tried to make the most of my trip from Normandy to Arcachon with main purpose, the mariage of a childhood friend.

this was two month before leaving to California and then Mexico for the second time with business and working goals on my mind.

After the mariage I spend a day with my girl friend in Le Porge a beachbreak next to Lacanau- I did not find any surf but a raging two meters closer with some crazy rips.

After a heartbreaking drop off in Bordeaux in the middle of the night I drove again the legendary twingo heading to spanish Basque Country to catch up with the massive swell forecasted perfect in Mundaka. But a first stop in San Sébastian to pick up my friend Mano from the peninsula of Cotentin in Normandy.

This is what we saw arriving in Donosti’s bay…

The swell was so powerfull that the steal plates from the pipes of the dock where being rosen by the blast produced when the waves were hitting.

JAWS in Donostia.

Since we were pretty tired by those travels at night and didn’t want to battle four meters barreling waves in the middle of 50 pros, and a hundred of hungry locals and abroad chargers… we finally decided to cruise along the coast and search for perfect points.

MUNDAKA On Fire that day with all the pros in the water.
Water patrol in Mundaka.
Famous skatepark of La Kantera next to Bilbao.
Lonsome ripper in Basque’s wildness.
Game of Thrones lanscapes in Bakio.
Between sea, river and mountains.
Angle from the top, Alberto Frontside air.

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