Surf Trip

Gravy & Cie in La Gravière

During this early september season, La Graviere was on fire and all surfers where ready early in the morning to catch some deep barrels. So was Leo Calbry our photographer to immortalize the best actions of the day.

Back home, Léo edits his pictures of the day… The next day we were watching an edit on youtube of Ben Gravy in La graviere, the guy who surfed a wave in every states of the U.S. along with friends like Nate Strom.

Leo had the sweetest photos of barrel of him and his friend so I coinvinced him send them to Ben, He was : “STOKED”.

After this episode I found my self beside him emerging of a duck-dive struggling against the rip before spreading quite fast (the rip was awful this day). On the shore I had a word with him about a possible interview, he was “stoked”again but we didn’t manage to do it because the crew moved on pretty fast!

Pleasure to meet Mr. Gravy the “stokedMan”

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