Surf Trip

Morocco surfing with Tom Bellevergue, the boilers boys and the stick up kidz

On my last trip I was heading to Morocco for the first time to join my friends Tom M. and Pilou, along with Tom Bellevergue, I was told next to Agadir, in front of a spot called boilers with over ten spots in the zone. Didn’t knew more than that at the time.

I booked my flight and landed in Agadir at the same time as Zoé did. Boys where there to pick us up with the tent on the roof. They had been on trip for two month already at this time.

I take place in the car straight to Cap Ghir and fill my hunger with some really sweetie chocolate cake local bananas and specialties.

After an our of total change of scenary I discover a little village right next to the rocky point, no concret road but rocky lands only.

I take the afternoon to chill in the house hiding from the sun to rest from this trip, left from Bayonne in Bus with a 30 kilos board bag on saturday night, with a connection in Toulouse to the airport with a twisted ankle…

At sun down we go to the point to take the first shots, i didn’t surf the first day so very soon, the first edit was ready to post. We’ll call it Lahfou

Our friend Amine working at Boilers Surf house with Aziz and along with us did his own version with some more footages filmed before I arrived. You can see it on his youtube channel @boilerboys

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