Contest Surf

Jeremy Flores takes the crown, an historic victory in Hossegor.

For sure this edition was a special one.The sand bank hasn’t been nreally great this year, that is the least we can say. I guess that is the reason why the crew decided to do it in La Graviere or La Nord, that are pretty much always working if there is swell. This decision influenced people to come has the competition site wasright just next to La central of Hossegor, andthis famous gigantic picture of a wave.

Our frenchies where exhilarated by the french crown cheering them . And I have to say we had a lot of spectacle from the guys on the Ct but also from wildcards like Lacomare, Mignot and Couzinet.

Jeremy behind the curtain for a while set the crowd on fire. 9 point ride.
Carissa Moore takes the win.

Carissa was victorious in poor conditions; too bad that they choose to do the women’s final during the worst moment of the tide…
She deserved it anyway. Greatings also to Johanne DFefay who has shown a lot of really good things during this event and made it to the semi final .

Indian summer …

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