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Vans shop Riots

Robin Bolian over quentin Boillon.
George Nollie nosebluntslide

This last saturday was happening a stop of Vans Shop Riots in Biarritz’s skatepark Lassosalai.

Sevral shops from the south west were represented, Buzz, Jump, La Rochelle…

but also Teams from Lyon, Wallstreet skateshop with crazy Robin Bolian flying over the roof and Quentin Bouillon doing what he does best, Paris with Vega skateshop incluiding the great Hugo Corbin.

All the teams skated really good and it was often really ddificult for the judge to say wich one prevailed. Moreover with the jams of four skaters at each row sending tricks on every corner of the skatepark.

Quentin Boillon Hippie jump.
George Pool one foot frontsiide boardlide.
Simon Léauté riding for La Rochelle Skateshop as a wildcard.

Robin Bolian getting wild.
Backside lipslide.
Tim Débauché Heelflip.
Buzz skateshop team by Louis.

The final result:

1st Wallstreet Skateshop Lyon

2nd Buzz Skateshop Soort-Hossegor

3rd Wallstreet Skateshop Biarritz

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